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Aerospace Industry AERO Component Repair, LLC™ is a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)- and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-Certified Repair Station. We have the tools and technology to serve the unique problems the aerospace industry faces when it comes to flight engine hardware repair. For instance, we can perform DER repairs on the Pratt & […]


Oil and Gas Turbine Repair At AERO Component Repair, LLC™, we have the capabilities, processes, experience, and machines to meet the gas turbine repair needs of the oil and gas industry. The industrial gas turbine are used in the oil and gas industry to drive pumps that pull natural gas or oil from deep within […]

Power Generation

Power Generation Turbine Repair Industrial turbines used for power generation must be durable because they can run 24/7 without a break for months or even years. Power generation is very important for the oil and gas, aerospace, and marine transportation industries, just to name a few. Failure is not an option in any of these […]

Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation Industry The ground transportation industry relies on AERO Component Repair, LLC™ to overhaul turbine inlet scrolls and much more. Industrial turbines in this industry undergo a lot of abuse. To overhaul the turbine inlet scroll, we can cut off old flanges, put on new ones, heat treat, and machine it. In other words, […]

Marine Transportation

Turbocharger Repair Service At AERO Component Repair, LLC™, we serve different sectors of the transportation industry, including marine transportation. When it comes to large boats, downtime is not an option. Unfortunately, there are times when turbine parts fail and quick turbine repair is needed. We work with you to determine the best turbocharger repair process […]

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