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Industrial Turbine Component Repair & Overhaul

Industrial turbine repair

Industrial turbine repairIndustrial turbines go through a lot of abuse. This results in the need for turbine repair or a complete overhaul. From re-tipping blades to airfoil and dimensional restoration of the turbine nozzle, AERO Component Repair, LLC™ can take care of Industrial turbine repair in-house.

The Industrial turbine repair process begins with a thorough visual and dimensional inspection. After cleaning, fluorescent penetrant or magnetic fluorescent particle inspections follow, as applicable. The parts then proceed to the Hand Finishing Department so defects can be prepped for welding.

After the defects are welded, they are sent back to the Hand Finishing Department for the restoration of contour, dimension, and surface finishing.

Many parts are machined in the last step of the Industrial turbine repair process to restore dimensions and concentricity. In some cases, a final heat treatment or diffusion coating may be required. The part must pass NDT certification. A final mechanical dimensional inspection is done using a coordinate measuring machine.

Our industrial turbine component repair covers:

Turbine nozzles

  • Airfoil contour restoration, crack repair, and FOD and pits on the entire part
  • Machine gas path diameters to concentricity and size
  • Restoration of airfoil/gas path protective coating
  • Other needed repairs, such as center hub replacement, fluoride ion cleaning and brazing, and airfoil insert installation

 Turbine air/oil seals

  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Pre-machine to remove worn bearing material
  • Flame spray to restore bearing material
  • Machine to allow post-assembling machining to final size
  • Restore holes and oil groove
  • Final inspection and cleaning

Inner and outer combustion liners

  • Crack and defect welding and repair
  • Thickness restoration after fretting wear
  • Restoration of geometry, thickness, and dilution hole diameter
  • Baffle geometry and cooling hole restoration
  • Part contour restoration and fitting with mating parts
  • Perform NDT and final inspection

Turbine blades

  • Inspection of fluorescent penetrant
  • Removal of damaged material
  • Weld to restore tip length
  • Hand-finish to restore geometry and contour
  • Age, stress relief, restore protective coating when needed
  • Clean and polish when needed

Turbine nozzle segments

  • Restore airfoil contours
  • Repair cracks, FOD, and pits
  • Replace or restore Stage 1 Cooling Grommets when needed
  • Heat treat as required
  • Flame sprayed coating restoration when needed
  • Additional repairs, such as installation of airfoil inserts and fluoride ion cleaning and brazing
  • Airfoil/gas path protective coating restoration


The following is an overview of our equipment and process:


  • 9 Lathes
  • 1 HAAS CNC Lathe
  • 7 Milling Machines
  • 1 Milltronics CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • 2 Surface, 1 Cylindrical Grinders
  • 1 Shot PEEN Machine
  • 4 Abrasive Blast Machines
  • 1 Eutectic Flame Spray System
  • 3 High-Temperature Heat Treat Furnaces
  • 3GTAW and 2 MTAW
  • 2 Fluorescent Penetrant Systems
  • Magnaglo System 54” Length Capability
  • Cordax Coordinate Measuring Machine


  • Calibration to NIST
  • NDT Certified to level II ASNT SNT-TC-1A
  • Electrolytic Plating Available
  • Welders Certified to AWS D17.1
  • Brush Plating Capability In-House
  • High-Temperature Diffusion Coatings In-House
  • All Tooling Built In-House


Our industrial turbine component repair is ideal for equipment used in the aerospace industry, oil and gas industry, and ground transportation industry. You have to have reliable equipment. When that equipment has an issue, you need it to be repaired or restored in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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