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General Industrial Manufacturing & Repair

Pump ImpellerAero Component Repair, LLC™ offers comprehensive general industrial manufacturing and industrial repair service. We perform complete overhauls on weld and machine and ensure the NDT certification of individual components, as well as restore coatings.

We can expertly restore your labyrinth seals because of our extensive knowledge and experience on C30 and C16 gas compressor impellers. We can restore diameters, lengths, dowel pin holes, and lab seals. If you have engine shafts with worn labyrinth seal teeth and worn or scored bearing journals, we can fix them. We specialize in grinding and machining parts to tight tolerances.

Types of Industrial Repair Service

Our general industrial manufacturing and industrial repair services allow us to make a number of repairs, including:

Labyrinth Seals:

Restore labyrinth seal teeth on components in both engine and accessory applications
Weld and re-machine to geometry and size while maintaining run out and stack height

industrial repair serviceTurbine Inlet Scroll (locomotive turbocharger):

  • OEM overhaul to include weld replacement and fabrication of 4 precision mounting rings
  • Stress relief
  • Final machine
  • Mechanical and CMM inspection
  • Temperature-resistant coating

The Best Machinery

This ensures precision and gives us the ability to repair parts that many shops won’t touch.

Our extensive machining capabilities give us the capability and flexibility to fix parts of all sizes. We are also able to keep repairs in-house, which passes cost savings on to you.

industrial manufacturing service

The following is just a sampling of our capabilities:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Drilling, Tapping, and Boring
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • NDT
  • CMM


The following are examples of the industries that benefit from our general industrial manufacturing and repair service:

You don’t have to invest in new parts. We can quickly take care of the repair and do it right, as we are capable of dealing with some of the tightest tolerances. You rely on your industrial machinery to do its job every day. Through our service, the industrial repair turnaround can be days rather than weeks or months. What we do is a more practical option for our customers.

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AERO Component Repair, LLC™ is your solution for flight turbine engine component repair and overhaul. We have the expertise, equipment, and commitment to ensure your parts are perfect. To learn more, use our form to get a free quote.

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