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We have a lot of capabilities when it comes to equipment and processes. We have lathes, milling machines, furnaces, and more so that our customers can come to us when they want a particular process performed on their parts. Our machinery has helped us attract a large audience.

Below, you will find a list of some of the equipment that we use. Each piece of equipment gives us a wide range of process capabilities so we can repair your part in our machine shop.

Our Machines

Our machines make it possible for us to perform general industrial turbine component repair, flight turbine component repair, and industrial turbine component repair for locomotives, large boats, ground transportation applications, power generation, the oil and gas industry, and the aerospace industry.

The following is a summary of the equipment we use:

Turning and Grinding (10 Lathes)

  • HAAS CNC TL1 lathe
  • VTL with 49-Inch Swing
  • 7 Additional Manual Lathes
  • Capacity to Turn up to 60-Inch Lengths and 25-Inch Diameters
  • Brown & Sharp Cylindrical Grinder
  • Cylindrical Grinding with Dumore Tool Post Grinders

Milling and Grinding (7 Milling Machines)

  • 9×42 Tables with Digital Readouts
  • 1 CNC Milltronics Vertical Machining Center with 40x20x24-Inch Machining Envelope
  • Surface Grinder with Magnetic Chuck

Inspection Equipment

  • Level 3; Level 2 Sensitivity
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Post Emulsifiable and Water Washable
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Wet Machine
  • Cordax Coordinate Measuring Machine with 24x20x50 Envelope (Capacity for 60-Inch Length)
  • Assorted Mechanical Inspection Equipment
  • O.D. Micrometers to 25-Inch Diameters
  • I.D. Micrometers to 22-Inch Diameters

Welding and Cutting

  • 3 Miller GTAW Welding Machines
  • 2 Miller MTAW Welding Machines
  • 1 Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
  • Eutectic Puddle Welder
  • Resistance Welder
  • Eutectic Terodyn 2000 Flame Spray System

Executing Proper Processes

Each piece of machinery allows us to use the proper process for repairing your industrial turbine part or fabricating a new piece. For instance, we can ensure a part is NDT certified to level II ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Our welders are certified to AWS D17.1 and much more.

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