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AERO Component Repair LLC is listed on the Central Contracting Registry as a small, Vietnam era veteran owned business. We are a Federal Aviation Agency (XWMR879K) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA145.4070) Certified Repair Station. AERO Component Repair is focused on the PT6 Turboprop engine line with Op Specs including the Honeywell TPE331 and Rolls Royce™ (Allison™) 501D engines.

Aerospace technology, relative to turbine engines, transcends the gap to industrial turbine engines. AERO Component Repair performs repairs on industrial turbine hot and cold section parts using the same or similar processes as the flight engine repairs. NDT, Flame spray, brush plating, atmosphere GTA-Welding, heat treating, brazing and machining are among those processes used to restore new life to old parts.

Natural gas compressor components and locomotive turbocharger parts are among the general industrial product lines regularly handled by AERO Component Repair. Whether we repair, make new peices, or manufacture whole parts, aerospace quality is always a part of the process.

Summary of our services:

Tooling Design and Manufacturing - Engineering Design via TurboCad 2D/3D Modeling - Welding:GTAW, MTAW, Resistance, Oxyacetlyene, Puddle Weld - Brazing: Torch and Atmosphere Furnace - Process Design and Development - Nondestructive Testing: FPI and MPI - Full Machine Shop - Flame Spraying - Surface and Cylindrical Grinding - Shot Peening: Steel and Glass Beads - Brush Plating

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