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Industrial Turbines  
Whether your industrial turbine needs blades re-tipped or the turbine nozzle needs airfoil and dimensional restoration to include diffusion coating, we are your best source. Saturn™ center hub replacement is all done in-house. If your Centaur™ Air/Oil seals need restoration of the ID coating, you can send them to us for flame spray restoration. You can custom fit them to your lab seal diameters. Need new tilt pad bearings? We can supply them for your Centaur™ engine. You will like our work and love our customer service.  

Turbine nozzles

  • Restoration of airfoil contours, repair cracks, pits and
    FOD on entire part
  • Machine gas path diameters to size and concentricity
  • Restore airfoil/gas path protective coatings
  • Additional repairs: replace center hub; fluoride Ion clean
    and braze; install airfoil inserts

Inner and outer combustion liners

  • Weld and repair cracks and other defects
  • Restore thickness from fretting wear
  • Restore dilution hole diameter, thickness and geometry
  • Restore cooling hole and baffle geometry
  • Restore part contour and fit with mating parts

Turbine shaft air/oil seals

  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Pre-machine to remove worn bearing material
  • Flame spray to restore bearing material
  • Machine to allow post-assembly machining to final size;
    restore oil groove and holes
  • Final inspect and clean

Turbine blades

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspect
  • Remove damaged material
  • Weld to restore tip length and geometry
  • Hand finish to restore contour and geometry
  • Stress relieve; age; restore protective coating as required
  • Clean and polish as required

Turbine nozzle segments

  • Restoration of airfoil contours, repair cracks, pits and FOD
  • Restore or replace Stage 1 Cooling Grommets as required
  • Heat treat as required
  • Restore airfoil/gas path protective coatings
  • Restore blade path flame sprayed coatings as required
  • Additional Repairs: Fluoride ion clean and braze; install airfoil inserts
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