AERO Component Repair
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AERO Component Repair LLC
3625 West Arkansas Street
Durant, OK 74701
phone: 580-924-7999
fax: 580-924-9669

Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Engineering Design via TurboCad 2D/3D Modeling

Welding:GTAW, MTAW, Resistance, Oxyacetlyene, Puddle Weld

Brazing: Torch and Atmosphere Furnace

Process Design and Development

Nondestructive Testing: FPI and MPI

Full Machine Shop

Flame Spraying

Surface and Cylindrical Grinding

Shot Peening: Steel and Glass Beads

Brush Plating

AERO Component Repair LLC
3625 W Arkansas St., Durant, OK 74701 • Phone: 580.924.7999 • Fax: 580.924.9669 •